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The land of gods

Nei Pori is a modern seaside resort located on the shores of Mount Olympus (Olympus Riviera), at the southernmost tip of the prefecture of Pieria. It is an ideal travel destination for families, couples and people of all ages, as the 2km long sandy beach offers endless hours of relaxation under the hot sun, swimming and having fun in the blue waters.
Mount Olympus, located really close to the sea, is a magnet for all those who seek adventure and enjoy hiking, climbing and the beauty of nature, since the slopes of Mount Olympus are world-renowned for their lush forests and the rare species of wild flowers.


Nei Pori

Explore the resort of Nei Pori, where you can rest at the organized beach. Relax enjoying your food or drink under the summer sun or feel more adventurous, doing water sports, swimming and having fun with your friends! In the evenings you can go for beautiful walks on the promenade next to the sandy beach, where there are countless choices of restaurants and cafes.

And of course, our little friends can have a lot of fun, as there are some amusement parks for children in the area. You can explore Nei Pori entirely on foot, and this is a good opportunity to leave the stress of driving and looking for a parking space away, thanks to the comfortable roads and the excellent street layout.



The cosmopolitan Platamonas with its cobbled pedestrian promenade and vivid nightlife is located just 3 kilometers from Nei Pori. In the port of Platamonas, you have the possibility to rent a sailing boat and live a beautiful experience in the blue waters of the Aegean Sea! People can also visit the famous medieval castle, which is the trademark of the area.


Palaios Panteleimonas & Palioi Poroi

These are two traditional mountain villages, which now have very few permanent residents and are characterized by their particular architectural style, as stone and wood predominate in all the buildings. Browse the cobbled narrow streets of the enchanting Old Panteleimon and feel the atmosphere of another era.

Enjoy the wonderful view it offers to Thermaikos gulf, explore the aromas and traditional products sold in the local shops and taste delicious cooked food and handmade sweets accompanying your coffee! A hidden gem on the mountain is the village of Palioi Pori, where you can relax away from the crowds, enjoy the frozen water of Olympus and have lunch in a traditional tavern.


Olympus - Litochoro - Dion

Explore the mythical home of the gods of Olympus. Starting from Litochoro, a picturesque town built at the foot of the mountain, cross the Enipeus gorge and walk the green paths or visit one of the shelters. Live the ultimate experience, conquering the highest peak in Greece, the famous Mytikas at an altitude of 2,918 meters, where according to legend the Greek Pantheon was located, and enjoy the breathtaking view!

In the neighboring Dion you are given the opportunity to visit the archaeological park, where the ancient theater and the museum with the impressive findings are located. In search of adventure, you can reach the famous "baths of Zeus", the waterfalls of Orlias Stream, which end in natural pools, inviting the most daring to swim in their icy waters.


Distances from points of interest

- Beach: 30 m.
- Nei Pori center (church): 600 m.
- Nei Pori railway station: 1.5 km.
- Thessaloniki airport: 120 km.
- Thessaloniki: 100 km.
- Katerini: 39 km.
- Larissa: 47 km.
- Volos (port): 100 km.
- Nea Anchialos airport: 120 km.
- Platamonas: 3 km.
- Castle of Platamon: 6 km.
- Palaios Panteleimonas: 10 km.
- Palioi Poroi: 8 km.
- Litochoro - Olympus: 20 km.
- Vergina: 80 km.
- Meteora: 120 km.